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Philips Lumify Powered by Reacts

Live integrated tele-ultrasound.
Real-time collaboration

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Discover the world's first truly integrated tele-ultrasound solution - Lumify with Reacts


Live communications support better, more meaningful collaborations, especially at the moment when needed. Explore how Lumify with integrated Reacts capability brings professionals, places and patients together to make a real difference.

Integrating Reacts into Lumify: the innovation story.


Hear how Philips partnered with Dr. Yanick Beaulieu, founder and creator of Reacts, to bring the world's first integrated tele-ultrasound capability to life.

Using Reacts on Lumify

Lumify App Ultrasound Reacts Realtime Ultrasound Collaboration
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Connect with other Reacts users from around the world.
Quickly and easily initiate or receive a Reacts tele-ultrasound call any time.
Collaborate in real time by sharing your devices camera, your voice, and your ultrasound exam.
Control what you share with your remote collaborator with the tap of your finger.
Image adjustments
Choose which device camera to use: front camera for face-to-face calls, rear camera to let your collaborator see what you see.
You have control over what you share and don't share. Easily tap the microphone icon to mute your audio.
Seamlessly interact with your remote collaborator with virtual pointers. Activate your pointer to highlight points of interest on your ultrasound image, and see your remote collaborators pointer as well...all in real time.
Communicate with confidence knowing Reacts is HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant. One of the main characteristic of Reacts is its robust security architecture.

Getting started for free

Getting started with Lumify tele-ultrasound powered by Reacts couldn't be easier: plug in your transducer, redeem one of the two access codes included with your transducer, begin using Reacts. The Access codes provided to you by Philips provide you free Reacts licenses, see below for details and terms:


If you are subscribing to the transducer, you can redeem or share your Reacts access codes at any time throughout your subscription; they do not expire. As long as your subscription to the Lumify transducer is active, each access code, once redeemed, provides access to the Standard Plan of Reacts and will automatically renew for successive one year periods.


If you purchased the transducer outright, upon registering your transducer, you have 12 consecutive months to redeem or share your Reacts access codes before they expire. Each access code, once redeemed, provides access to the Standard Plan of Reacts for a trial 6-month period. After your 6-month trial is complete, contact IIT Reacts to get started with the best Reacts plan for your needs.

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Communicate with Confidence


One of the main characteristics of Reacts is its robust security architecture. It provides a highly secure connection within and outside the healthcare system to include hospital networks, home care, patients, private facilities, and clinicians working from home.

Reacts uses XMPP protocol and the jingle library for peer-to-peer (P2P) streaming capabilities, ensuring end to end DTLS-SRTP security with encryption to the audio and video streams.

  • Complies with HIPAA, PIPEDA, and PHIPA privacy and security standards
  • Servers are hosted by a secure data center in Canada, with redundancy in a second secure center.
  • DTLS-SRTP secured streams
  • Strong identifiĀcation
  • Logs available

Getting started with Reacts on Lumify

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